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Friday, April 19, 2013

Best Adventurous Activities In Goa

When you imagine about Goa, a beach holidays usually spring to our mind, but holidaymakers looking excitement and adventure should head to Goa too. Behind the charming front, Goa is a great place for an action-packed holiday for all ages.                     

Here is our pick of the best adventurous activities in Goa has to offer. 

Zip Wire
Slip on a harness and soar through the air, breathtaking sights certain. This popular adventurous sport is gaining its popularity as the day is passing out. Fly with birds and witness spectacular displays of Goa. Fall from the height of 50m and reach speeds of up to 40 mph, imagine how much thrill you will experience. Must plan your holiday in Goa!

Climb and jump from the rock face! This is the newest water sport which has been added in the list of adventurous sport in Goa. Participants will have to take extra care with wetsuit, helmet and buoyancy aid and then scramble up cliff sides, jump into the water below before swimming to the next obstacle. 

 Kite Surfing
The perfect condition in Goa also promise well if you are a kite surfer. Every time good wind and waves as well as milder waters in Goa guarantees excellent kite surfing during the year. Whether you are using a kite to drive you next to the sand on a surf board or flying over the waves with the kites distant above you, Goa is ideal for adventure lovers. 

Nature Spotting
Nature sightseeing is also a haven for all kinds of wildlife; it would be shame to miss out while you are on holiday here. Join all animals on your voyage and make this vacation a unforgettable memory of your life. 

Above mentioned adventurous activities leaves you thrill and generates great excitement inside you. Come and experience your honeymoon in Goa while choosing Goa tour package.


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